My Name is Cephas K. Akuklu. CEO and Founder of CKCLNET GHANA AND UK. I am a life lifter. I lift up lives of individuals, teams and organisations by using my over 40 years experience in education, training, Entrepreneurship, financial management, personal and organisational development, coaching, mentoring and leadership.

My personal maxims include:

• Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured
• Why settle for silver when you can go for gold?
• Take your heart/love and smile to work; they make a positive impact on others and cost you nothing.

Many people and organization perform below their potential but fail to recognise or resolve this. It takes a development coach to help them improve their productivity. Whether you are an individual at cross roads in your career or personal growth, a team leader or the CEO of a multinational organisation you can benefit from the services of coaching. I can help you improve your life and those of people around you.

Goal Mapping system developed by Brian Maine is very simple but powerful systems for getting people use their natural abilities to invoke the power within them to set realistic goals and map them out to achieve sustainable success. It is applicable in government departments; industrial settings; financial institutions, education and the charity sector.

We have specific programs for students/learners to enjoy learning, retain more and improve their grades.

• Learning to learn is a fun way of learning designed for primary schools
• The 5 keys to success – Goal Mapping for students enables students set and achieve higher goals
• The 6 S Study skills system empowers students to explore several study skills and improve their life styles at the same of enjoying learning and doing better overall.



Community and Economic Development Experience

For the last five years, Mr Cephas K. Akuklu has been a trustee/director of three UK community groups that operate in Barnet in the field of helping people find their pathways and grow. He has served as on the One Stop Shop Manager for over one year on voluntary basis and six months part-time contractor. He was able to bring together all the delivery partners together on an Open Day which was also attended by the Mayor and the local MP.

In addition to having a great smile that welcomes all visitors and clients, he has Accounting, Bookkeeping and Business Management skills which make me strong enough to run the project(s) that operate in the estate.

Finance /Admin Assistant to the Country Director of CUSO (Canadian Universities Services Overseas- June 74 to May 75

CUSO is similar to VSO (Volunteer Service Overseas). Mr Cephas K. Akuklu had sole responsibility for all the finance and administrative functions for the project. He prepared and monitored budgets for the country and regional offices. He was also involved in organizing orientation and exit conferences for the Canadian volunteers who came to Ghana over two-year contracts.

Accountant (Shell -Ghana-Limited 1975-1979); Internal Auditor (Shell -1979-1980)

Mr Cephas K. Akuklu was the Financial Accountant; Management Accountant, and Relief Accountant, covering for anyone and anywhere within the finance department. He covered all areas of finance including treasury, banking, final account preparation, and reporting to the International Finance Office in London. He also served as payroll manager and budget officer. For one year he has manned one of the regional offices incorporating finance, administration and staff supervision.

He worked independently as well as in teams to review and report on the effectiveness of the internal controls within the company. He also conducted some special investigations to give assurance, on ad hoc basis, on areas of concern to senior management.

Lecturer; Head of Department of Accounting and Finance- Nigeria- 1981-1983

Mr Cephas K. Akuklu headed a small team of academics designing, managing and delivering Finance and Accountancy courses throughout the polytechnic. His key achievements were to raise the standards and encouraged students to look beyond the HNDs and pursue professional courses.

Co-ordinator of Short Courses and Seminars, Nigeria (1984-85)

Mr Cephas K. Akuklu was able to research customer needs and designed short courses and seminars to satisfy these needs. He reached out to private industry as well as government owned businesses. He also introduced evening classes for Bankers to help them prepare for the professional examinations.

Part Time Lecturer –Hammersmith and West London College- 1989-1996

Mr Cephas K. Akuklu had taught Finance, Accountancy and GCSE Maths to a range of students-A Level, Access and HND on full time and part time courses (the age range was 16 to over 50).

Lecturer-Barnet College- 1994-2006)

Mr Cephas K. Akuklu has taught on many business, finance and accounting courses to a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds and age groups. The courses include: GCE A Level – Accounting; ACCA paper 1.1 (Financial Statement); OCR Manual and Computerised Bookkeeping levels 1 &2; NVQ Levels 2, 3 and 4 in Accounting(AAT); Foundation Degree; Access to Business and Finance.

Course Leader- Computerised Accounts (SAGE) and Bookkeeping -Barnet College – 2000-2006

He managed a team of part time teachers to deliver bookkeeping and computerised accounts courses using SAGE package. Most of the courses were run in the evenings and weekends- unsocial hours that were difficult to get teachers. In spite of these they helped learners to achieve great results.

Finance Development Manager- City of Wolverhampton College June 06- June 07

Mr Cephas K. Akuklu took on budgeting and cost analysis roles. He discovered some alarming areas of cost drains. He sought permission to dig deeper and provide solutions. This resulted in implementation of my recommendations in two areas which reduced costs by £100,000 in one year

Financial Controller-Network of Black Professionals (NBP) (June 06-Mar 07)

He established the Finance system from scratch. He installed Sage Line 50 and started to train other staff on the basics. He also took part in a number of non-finance aspects of the Black Leadership Initiative (BLI) project. This was an organisation set up by NBP and the Department of Education and Employment to redress the lack of Blacks in the leadership of educational institutions in England.

Visiting Teacher –City of Wolverhampton College- August 2007-July 2009

Mr Cephas K. Akuklu have become a visiting teacher, delivering Numeracy and Literacy courses to offenders at the college and at probation services office. This learner group is very challenging as their attitude and level of motivation are quite negative and low. He also delivered to Business Studies groups.

Self Employed Business Consultant (July 2007-now)

Mr Cephas K. Akuklu has set up Cee Kay Consultancy with the vision of improving the financial performance of his clients by helping them reduce costs and keep proper records of their transactions.

On the advice of his local government, he set up Community Life Coaches, a social enterprise whose task is to support “troubled families” to turn their lives around. The promised contract was given to another organisation and his company is struggling.

Missionary Team Organiser

He organised and led a team of Missionaries (comprising health and finance experts) from Wolverhampton to Zimbabwe in April 2009. They had a major impact on the people. In addition to immediate Medicare which filled a gap, they encouraged the people to form two businesses using their own resources (human and financial) that were pooled on our advice.

Volunteering in Barnet – Sept 2009 till now

Since coming back to London in September 2009, Mr Cephas K. Akuklu has been engaged in voluntary work including Joy Bringers R Us (befriending and youth after schools club), FEAST (proving family learning facilities in Graham Park and Hendon Libraries). He is a Trustee/Director of three local charities. He is also on the Central London NHS Board.

He has been a youth leader and mentor at his local church in Burnt Oak, dealing with teenagers and primary school kids for over 15 years.

Community Accountant –Community Barnet (Aug 2011- May 2014)

He worked two days a week supporting community and voluntary sector organisations develop and maintain good financial management systems and governance. He has conducted training, coaching and advisory services to empower local charities in Barnet.